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White Noise: October Roundup 2012

Monday, 5 November 2012

October Roundup 2012

Here are White Noise's top tunes of October, mostly in a handy Youtube playlist. Unfortunately a few of our top picks weren't available on the 'tube, so I've put up some alternative links at the bottom. This playlist gets darker as it goes on, so don't sleep on the devastating second half.



Daphni - Yes I Know
Maxxi Soundsystem feat. Name One - Regrets We Have No Use For
Andrés - Hart Plaza
Last Magpie - Hypno
U - Eah
Pangaea - Game
Elsewhere - Trippin'
Eats Everything - Trubble
Juju & Jordash - Track David Would Play
Vessel - Court of Lions
Jam City - ...Now We Relate
Dawn Day Night - Big Booty Girls
Swindle - Mischief

Here are some clips of our other favourite releases from this month:

Jack Dixon - E

Presk - Nobody Makes Me Do

Breach & Midland - 101 (/Somewhere)

Jets (Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart) - Lock Lock Key

Artifact - Turtle Flight (clip here)

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