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White Noise: Presk - Nobody Makes Me Do

Friday, 26 October 2012

Presk - Nobody Makes Me Do

Label: 2020 Midnight Visions

The third release on 2020 Visions offshoot Midnight Visions comes courtesy of Dutch producer Presk, who has something a little different to offer us. Previously his productions contrasted with the UK’s jumpy scene by way of their restraint and dignity, but here Presk is chopping and skipping like the rest of them; and if this EP is enough to go on, this style fits him to a tee. Scorching A-side Nobody Makes Me Do will be the first to grab attention, an off-kilter garage rhythm underlying a bouncing bass and a fantastic earworm vocal. This would surely be enough for a top tune, but with Presk nothing is left to settle. With the late introduction of an unexpected second vocal (just as catchy, and a glorious companion to the first) and a bassline that looks set to burst free from the track before the second drop, this is an explosive track that marks Presk as a real force to be reckoned with.

EP Clips

On the AA-side we stay hyper but get a little darker with the frantic and ominous Akola. Clipped drum samples and hammering synths mean the track never settles, lurching powerfully in its place amid another perfect pair of vocal samples and a collage of punchy atmospherics. Both lead tunes put a thoroughly modern, aggressive twist on classic house and electro, and they work a charm. Epic B-side Cerano City is another beast entirely, channelling moody Detroit pads to create a dark, hypnotic groove with burbling synths and a tightly structured arrangement of drumtracks and vocals which means every second of its 8-minute runtime is scintillating. Not only are all three of these tracks essential for any on-trend DJs; this is Presk like we’ve never seen him before: the gloves are off and the man is clearly making it his business to destroy dancefloors and take names.


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