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White Noise: Video of the Week: Shlohmo – Sink

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Video of the Week: Shlohmo – Sink

I’m surprised it’s already been a month since I started this little side project. To celebrate, I think we should take a little step into the stranger side of home-made fan videos. Here are some gorgeous and intriguing visuals set to one of my favourite tracks of the year, Shlohmo’s lush and blissed-out Sink.

The chilled out grooves commence in time with an intriguing artistic procedure; faces forming and seemingly building themselves up with flowing paint in stop motion. The beautiful colours and textures on display match Shlohmo’s intensely lush sound perfectly, while showing the artistic process reflects the analogue qualities to his sound; record hiss and percussive clicks. As the fantastic Oriental flute melodies unfold, the scene elaborates; cut-outs swirl in hypnotic liquid and faces construct and deconstruct themselves before your eyes. The screen becomes more and more crowded with colours, hands and objects, paper cut-outs are dragged across the ground, characters sketch themselves into existence with exuberance. The editing throughout is superb, creating an entirely unique vision that accompanies the song flawlessly. It’s a homage to artistic process and individual vision, and it’s absolutely beautiful to watch. Enjoy!

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