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White Noise: Video of the Week: The Avalanches - Since I Left You

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Video of the Week: The Avalanches - Since I Left You

For the third weekly video instalment, I’ve picked pretty much my very favourite video, for what is essentially my very favourite song. For me, this video constitutes a wonderful idea that has been executed flawlessly and, crucially, adds a whole new dimension to the music without removing any of its original qualities. So follow the story and enjoy!

After the first time I watched this video I found myself wanting to watch it again almost immediately. 
We are essentially confronted by two people in a desperate situation who are faced with death. As the voice rings out 'welcome to paradise' they catch a glimpse and enter this other world, a shining dancehall with a dusty, aged quality. It feels like a space beyond space and time, added to the fact that this afterlife is shown in colour throughout, and 'real life' relegated to black and white. At the opening and close of the video there is a birdcage, an important symbol which I feel reflects one man's journey through transcending life, leaving the cage, and the decision of the other to stay. One miner begins to dance, tentatively at first but quickly gaining skills and soon after the judges are impressed and he seems very happy. Meanwhile, the miner who did not choose this death stands by the side simply playing the tambourine. One could say the dancing miner has indeed 'found a world so new' in opening himself up to a possibility, and it is a beautiful idea to make this moment of perfect happiness a scene of a death. The video combines human joy in spontaneity, sweetly pitched questions on the afterlife, and the universal love of dance to craft something truly extraordinary.

Pitchfork commented that like their music, this video “is about transforming the disparate and the out-of-place into something new and joyful”, and I couldn’t agree more; the incongruous miners mimic the strange samples blended into a smooth whole throughout their landmark LP. This is a beautifully simple, optimistic and touching video that I’ve rewatched so many times but has never once lost its power or sweetness. I really hope you enjoy it, see you next week with a new video.

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