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White Noise: Jacques Greene – Greene01

Friday, 21 October 2011

Jacques Greene – Greene01

What U R
I Like You


Jacques Greene has spent the best part of a year ruling the bass scene roost, through an excellent series of EPs (including potential track of the year Another Girl) which fuse airy and melodic bass with a whole host of sexy RnB vocal tracks. On Greene01, a super-limited edition White Label release that we were quick enough to get our hands on, he proves once more (as if he needed to) that he’s top dog, with three absolutely superb slices of bassy goodness.

For any followers of Greene, it will come as no surprise that this EP wasn’t crafted for A-side abuse, because it’s practically impossible to pick a favourite out of these three fantastic tunes. Lead track What U R runs precise percussion alongside bubbling synths and a great Amerie sample. The cut exudes sensuality, replete with Amerie’s moans and repeated ‘Ooh so sexual, that’s what you are’, but Greene does well to not let the tune slip into a vocal lightweight. Instead he tightens the instrumentation and creates a great contrast between on-point bass mechanics and intoxicating vocals. Second cut I Like You is probably my favourite of the bunch, sampling a slo-mo Will Ferrel, of all people, alongside clipped percussion and a great melodic line. Midway through the track a shimmering synthline emerges through the ether, casting an almost unbearably euphoric light upon the track, and eventually it settles into an irresistibly bouncy tune.

Both tracks showcase Greene’s unerring skill at implementing deft percussion and samples against showstopping synth melodies, resulting in tracks which it’s near impossible not to love. Out of all three of these excellent tracks, however, it’s maybe the third cut, the Kelly Rowland remix Motivation that shines brightest. Here the vocal line is centre-stage and its simply gorgeous, playing against shuttering percussion and starry synths. It’s the space allowed to the vocal line that makes this track so perfect, and I fully expect the track to continue taking a prominent spot in many a DJ’s repertoire for the year to come.

I had the great chance to see Greene DJ at Point FMR in Paris a couple of weeks ago, and it goes without saying these tracks are even more sublime in the club setting. Everything Greene puts out is almost so on-point it hurts, and this EP represents the most complete and fantastic release he’s come out with so far. The bass scene’s star is still rising, and with these tracks it’s clear that there’s no one better to lead the pack.


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