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White Noise: Artifact – The Way It Do

Friday, 1 February 2013

Artifact – The Way It Do

Label: Somethinksounds

Bristol’s Artifact was one of 2012’s straight-out-of-the-box successes. With stellar EPs for the likes of Deadplate and Local Action, the fresh producer proved himself a deft hand at manipulating dark strains of dancefloor sound, with highlights including the storming Deserted and brutal acid roller Turtle Flight. The young producer’s first EP of the year is for the Berlin/ London-based Somethinksounds, a label known as much for its genre-defying output as for its tight quality control.

A lot of the Artifact staples are here; rugged technoid beat patterns, dark atmospherics and a dangerous handle over build-and-release mechanics. The striking difference on this powerful double A-side is the introduction of a pair of superb vocals, which add a welcome melodic hook to the threatening soundscapes. You can tell The Way It Do is going to be something special from the very first drop: a tough 4/4 and a toybox melody build up to a showstopping vocal line reminiscent of Blawan’s Getting Me Down (but much darker). This track isn’t all bout one element, though; chiming synths and a constantly-mutating percussive field mean this one will impress long after the first listen, as well as being a sure-thing for DJs looking for a secret weapon to get the floor to take notice.

As the press release so helpfully tells us, this release is a double A-side for a reason. We Trapped is an equally impressive powerhouse of a dance tune, with a skipping rhythm establishing a powerful groove: another impressively textured percussive field and another catchy, urgent vocal hook that’s sure to get the dancefloor moving. Remix duties are on Mancunian Damu, whose style has seen a dramatic shift from sugar-sweet bass tunes to the darkest acid rollers. The new sound suits The Way We Do to a tee, creating a muscular analogue workout that impresses in terms of craft but still feels like it lacks the original mix’s killer vocal hook.

Artifact’s impressive discography to date has been marked by a keen awareness of juxtaposing space with his big sounds; although there’s a lot going on these tunes still feel stripped to the core elements, allowing each note and beat to receive its due attention. Following on from a promising 2012, he’s come right out of the gate in 2013 with his best release to date, a pair of unstoppable peak-tracks that are sure to get a lot of play over the coming months on discerning dancefloors.


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