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White Noise: C.R.S.T. Vs Chesus – Monster Munch EP

Monday, 21 January 2013

C.R.S.T. Vs Chesus – Monster Munch EP

Label: Local Talk

C.R.S.T. established a name for themselves a few years back with their bumpin’ form of 90s-style garage and house, so the eternally on-point Local Talk seems like a natural fit for the Welsh group. Here the quartet share a split EP with the ‘C’ of their name, Chesus, who you might remember from last year’s jackin’ Goodlove EP.

The group’s syncopated garage rhythms and Chesus’ straighter house approach gel together perfectly, and the distinct artists offer up one highlight apiece, bookending the EP. On the front-end there’s title track Monster Munch, featuring the on-trend house magician The Organ Grinder, where a soaring diva cry reigns supreme over clipped strings and an impossibly punchy garage bounce. Bumpin’ chord stabs and sharp snares supplement the package, but it’s the core elements here that are so well done: it’s hard to imagine anyone hearing this come on in a club without breaking out in a smile and a shuffle. The other highlight here comes in the form of Chesus’ gorgeous closer Special, where a sweeping string sample and some catchy vocals courtesy of The O’Jays lend the track a feelgood disco groove.

The second cut, Chesus’ Newark, is a deeper affair, with big Jersey chords and clipped vocals setting up a solid groove that ultimately feels a little static. You can't help but feel that a stronger progression is required for the tune to really stand out. On the B there’s C.R.S.T’s Life, another impeccable slice of jackin’ house with a garage twist thanks to those swung beats, with lush shifting chords and a strong bassline keeping up the pace. It all comes together as a quick, effective package; irresistibly feelgood and unstoppably dancey. Even if the middle tracks aren’t quite as remarkable as the opener and closer, the end result is another essential purchase from Local Talk for the fine purveyors of that feelgood house sound. Nothing here will disappoint, and we can imagine dancing to Special’s timeless groove well into the new year.


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