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White Noise: Sei A – Flux

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sei A – Flux

Label: Turbo

Flux (Martyn’s Electromagnetic Mix)

Break The Pattern

Jus Appreciate

This is the second outing in quick succession for Sei A, aka London-based Andy Graham on the Turbo imprint, and Flux once again finds the producer in fine form, firing out powerful dance numbers while still retaining the keen sense for atmosphere and mood found on his last Frozen Flowers release. The collection kicks off firing on all cylinders with dance heavyweight Martyn remixing title track Flux, with ambient crackles setting off a harsh 8-bit stomp that blares out powerfully across the track before dropping into a dark techy swing. The remix is perhaps a tad heavy-handed, all huge elements crafted to drive a thronging dancefloor, but it works well, and a moody vocal cry manages to add a shred of humanity to proceedings.

Sei A’s original mix of Flux is a deeper, more explorative affair, with the biggest difference being the more derivative structure and the drums’ placement much lower in the mix. Crackling organ chords burst through the mix atmospherically towards the second minute, to be replaced by that squealing 8-bit tone in a push-and-pull that stretches across the course of the tune. Compared to the intensity of Martyn’s mix the tune doesn’t feel like it offers a huge amount, but that’s not really a problem as Graham’s other original cuts here are stronger and clearly more interesting. The first is EP-standout Break The Pattern, a thrilling tune that nears Techno territory in its dark mechanical sounds. A strong beat establishes the ground for a huge, menacing klaxon that comes out of the depths of the track to form the first drop in a touch that would clearly sound stunning a club setting. The track proves that Sei A is more than capable of conjuring a dancefloor juggernaut without Martyn’s help, and the tune’s rhythmic variations and the escalating threat of these sounds are pulled off with a rare visceral quality.

Digital-only final cut Jus Appreciate is a dark, mutating tune with strong cinematic vibes and a heady atmosphere. Here a complex stomper is accented with a host of varied beats and vocals pitched up to a menacing degree before they are lost in brooding, horror-movie synths and threatening percussive textures, leading up to a return to a powerful groove. It’s a remarkably well-structured track, and while it may be hard to place into a mix, this tune would more than prove a haunting standout in a digital set. Flux is clearly Sei A’s best-realised collection to date, with each meaty track satisfying the listener in a different way, and every one revealing more subtle rhythmic shifts and nuanced details with repeated listens.


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