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White Noise: Various Artists – Post Summer Sampler

Friday, 27 January 2012

Various Artists – Post Summer Sampler

Label: Hot Creations


Dance With Me

There is no season except summer to associate with Hot Creations’ smooth, sunny output, which would probably explain the name of this label sampler despite its mid-winter release. Although this small but well-formed collection isn’t going to challenge anyone’s perceptions of Jamie Jones and Lee Foss' label and its sultry beach-party vibes, a couple of tracks here are perfect examples of what makes their sound just so intoxicating and effective.

The set kicks off with its best track in the form of Infinity Ink’s Games. Sun-bleached synth tones and low-key percussion introduce the label’s ever-present killer sound; a huge, bouncing bassline guaranteed to get anyone moving. This is House at an extreme of both softness and depth, with Ali Love’s plaintive lover’s vocals gliding fluidly over its surface sheen. The track marries a washed-out palette with a deep groove and sexy vocal tones to great effect, and the inclusion of a few soulful pop tropes makes it a very addictive number. The other track of the three that really stands out is Bubba’s EP closer Dance With Me; which is a slightly more unusual cut of Deep House in the classic Virgo Four tradition. Here sharp piano samples and double-tracked vocal lines annotate a chunky bassline and whirling, slightly nervous strings employed to fantastic effect. When the bass comes back in with a stomp midway through the track and introduces a clean and bouncy synthline, the listener gets a sense of how much atmosphere and danceability is created with a few warm and well-chosen layers.

Manik’s contribution Body High which sits in between is a little different, and not necessarily better for it. Reverb-drenched vocals overlay a simple bassline and squiggly synth melodies with a clear vintage flavour to the sounds. While it has the makings of a decent tune, compared to the tracks that bookend it Body High doesn’t really stand out, lacking the addictive hooks that the other cuts here have in spades. Essentially on this Sampler we’re given a gauge of just where Hot Creations are at the moment, and while it’s nowhere surprising their brand of sunny laziness is just as inviting and effective as ever, even if you might need to wait until next summer to really feel like you’re getting the most out of it.


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