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White Noise: Objekt - Objekt #3

Monday, 18 November 2013

Objekt - Objekt #3

Label: Objekt

Over three brief releases, Germany’s TJ Hertz has acquired near-legendary status amongst Berlin’s techno institutions thanks to his unerring ability to wrongfoot the listener, setting up moulds only to break them apart within the space of a single track. Each of his releases to date has practically come with its own fanfare, with the likes of Unglued, The Goose That Got Away and Cactus taking dark fidget-techno in mind-warping new directions. To his credit, the acclaim hasn’t sped up Objekt’s output or reduced the quality of his productions, so it will come as little surprise that the third release on his own Objekt label is another storming addition to the producer’s increasingly revered canon.

A-side Agnes Demise is the main attraction here: a mechanical workout of visceral bass hits and subtle vocal and atmospheric touches. The groove is nuanced and attractive its own right, but it's this track’s petrifying breakdown which will draw attention: the track grinds to a halt with the screech of broken machinery, an organ-realigning moment of drama which is sure to make the crowd either go wild or flee the dancefloor in terror. Fishbone is a subtler breed which highlights Hertz’ production prowess, as a field of meticulously arranged samples duel urgently, bright scifi bleeps set against pulverised vocal snips, a crystalline handclap keeping the groove in check throughout. Objekt’s third release shows the producer as on form as ever, with an enviable dexterity that extends beyond mere thrills to immaculate technoid hypnosis.


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