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White Noise: Lorca – Can’t See Higher / Missed Me

Monday, 26 March 2012

Lorca – Can’t See Higher / Missed Me

Label: Dummy

Brighton-based Lorca (apparently named after the houseboat he once lived on) is a relative newcomer, with only a split-EP release with Visionist on Left_Blank to his name, but on his first solo release on Dummy he shows strong production chops for a fresh producer. I wouldn’t be the first to say that we’ve had an awful lot of chopped up RnB vocals going around but Lorca makes them work, demonstrating on both tracks a keen ability to use sounds and tropes that saturate today’s dance scene but keep them sounding fresh and strong.

Can’t See Higher

Can’t See Higher is a near-anthemic peak track, with acoustic drums rolling under a Joy O-style synth synthline before it establishes a powerful groove, with the vocal sample extending ecstatically over the course of the track. It all comes together rather beautifully with a masterful sense of tension and release, tunnelling synths and a perfect plateau of a breakdown introducing the tune’s upbeat second half.

Missed Me

B-side Missed Me is the slow-burn cut of the two, with more rich percussion introducing a perfect synth hum that underpins the track along with a simple but effective bass progression. There’s something woozy and relaxed about the track that is rare (and welcome) in a cut that still demonstrates a strong dance focus, perfectly exemplified by the breathy breakdown that emotes quietly and confidently to great effect. Both tracks here demonstrate a powerful grasp over mood and a clear understanding of what kills on the dancefloor on this great debut, and I’m more than a little eager to see what Lorca comes up with next.


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