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White Noise: Salva – Yellobone EP

Friday, 18 November 2011

Salva – Yellobone EP


Obsession (Feat B. Bravo)


2011 been a great year for Salva, with a slew of major releases including an LP, the rising star of his own label, Frite Nite (who released the excellent Surreal Estate compilation last month) and even a recent admittance into Madrid’s Red Bull Academy. On this tight and inventive EP, he shows no signs of letting up, with three great new tracks and a couple of remixes that reach far above average.

The EP kicks off with the fantastic title track Yellobone, in which an irresistible bass thump lays the groundwork for an intricate but tight bass number. Salva has always been a fan of big sounds and this is no disappointment, every layer is perfection from the irresistible tribal rhythm to the understated and atmospheric vocal sample. It’s a stunning lead single and really shows of Salva’s winning combination of raw musical muscle and precise sonic details that create such immersing and exhilarating tunes. A similar dance approach leads to the more off-kilter but equally great Komodo, where old-school synths and basslines cascade downwards over choppy vocals and intermittent 808 drum assaults. The pair is a thrilling set of dance tunes that would fit perfectly in any bass set, but Salva’s determined to show he has even more to offer.

On the second original cut, B. Bravo adds his trademark vocoder stylings to the fantastically funky Obsession, and the two artists manage to produce a perfect synthesis of their sounds. The rushing inhale of the bass wash and the tight drum programming is all Salva, but the squiggly G-funk synth-line and irresistible vocal lines (plus a cheeky little Gil Scott-Heron sample) make sure Bravo’s input is more than evident. It’s an immensely enjoyable tune and a very successful collaboration, proving that Salva has skills beyond his great dance tracks. Out of the two remixes of the title track, it’s Shlohmo’s with relative newcomer 2KWTVR that is the real gem. Shlohmo gives the track his distinctive deep bass treatment, ghosting the vocals half-way out with resonant claps and subverting the tribal rhythm into a rushing electronic pace. It’s to the remixers credit that the track is both recognisably a remix and clearly a great tune it its own right, that could easily be enjoyed with or without the original. LOL Boys turn the same song into a straighter club stomp before it descends into a trippy 8-bit deviation to interesting effect.

With a couple of fantastic dance tunes and some indisputably worthwhile funky and beaty deviations, Salva is making a clear statement that he’s a talented producer at the very top of his game. Every track on this release is considered and effective, and it’s a great end to a successful year for Salva. Time will tell whether his future output can be quite so enchanting, but the future looks bright for this multi-talented producer.


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