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White Noise: August 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015

Minor Science - Whities 004

Label: Whities

If you spend your days as a music critic, it can’t be easy to transition into the role of a producer and DJ. If you spend your life analysing the music of others, how are you supposed to edit your own? Angus Finlayson’s first outing as Minor Science, an EP on Trilogy Tapes, didn’t quite hit the mark except on the mind-melting Hapless, but for his sophomore release he’s really struck a solid note.

This slab’s out on Young Turks’ surprisingly good Whities sub-label, drawing out two confident hardware excursions that toe the line between house and techno. There’s a meandering, Actress-type quality to these tracks, but a melodic spontaneity and sure-footed drum work mean that the experimentation never dissolves the groove. Closing Acts is a very strong look, reigned over by a square bassline that struts rudely up and down the scales, adorned by cascading synthwork and the animal cries of otherworldly species. Glamour cuts the air with a starker machinedrum rhythm and more digitised squeals that sound like lives long lost in an infernal machine.

Finlayson’s soundfield may be decidedly synthetic but there’s an organic quality to how these melodies evolve, constantly subject to unexpected effects and abrupt left-turns. It means you can never get comfortable with these tunes, but that’s far from the point: this is heady, atmospheric dynamite just waiting to be wielded by the right hands.


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Monday, 10 August 2015

Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda EP

Label: MCDE

Australian synth wizard Mike Katz has been drumming up quite a reputation for his live performances recently, and alongside some promising releases on Echovolt and Voyage, it was enough to solicit the interest of house-don Motor City Drum Ensemble, who’s just released Katz’ latest – and finest – slab of wax.

Katz records as Harvey Sutherland, and his sound is not totally new for those who have been keeping an eye on the lazy house-funk hybrids of Germans Max Graef and Glenn Astro, or even certain Floating Points or Lone records. But Katz is a distinct product of Melbourne’s bubbling scene, also home to top labels like Untzz and Big Doint, and while some overseas funksters can lose the groove in a sea of soulful chill, these Australians never seem to leave the club far behind.

Bermuda is a shining gem of a tune, its intro alone a thing of beauty. Jazzy keys drift blissfully into nowhere, interrupted by a dramatic bass stab and a gentle 4/4. Then just after the one-minute-mark we drop into a funky staccato groove which would get anyone moving, regardless of taste or energy levels. Katz’ musicianship comes to the fore as he adds layer upon layer of lush melody to the arrangement, coming to a stunning climax of syrupy synths and cascading arpeggios that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

B-side New Paradise is the twilight burner to Bermuda’s call-to-dance. Another set of gorgeous keys and subtle strings court a stripped kick-clap combo, before Katz lets rip another stunning synthline that opens out as the track progresses, deftly woven into a range of subtle harmonies. Katz may be referencing a lot of classic music with his sound, but there isn’t a touch of pastiche here. His feelgood vibes are genuine, his skill is real, and the club power of these tunes, particularly the A-side, is not to be underestimated.


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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Guest Mix

Our main man Moth has come up with another sweet mix, this time charting some chilled summer house and disco, with a lot of WN favourites in the mix. Listen here:


Just for WN readers, here's the tracklist:

Moodymann – The Thief That Stole My Sad Days
Unknown Artist – A Jazz Thing
Metro Area – Piña
Mark Barrott – Saviours Or Savages
Domenique Dumont – L’Esprit de l’Escalier
Ben Sun – Seven Sisters
Ben Morris – Polarna Flyger Till Kuba
Paxton Fettel – Dots on the Skyline
Alice Smith – Love Endeavour (Maurice Fulton Remix)
Pablo Mateo – Roxy
J Albert – Love Delivered
Panama Brown – Theme From Panama Racing Club
Merwyn Sanders – Mimi Likes 2 Dance
Davina – Don’t You Want It
Move D – Eastman
Kornél Kovács – Malon
The Bass Foundation – Recognition (Club Rave)
Dream 2 Science – My Love Turns To Liquid
Samo DJ – Flyer Edit
Jean Adebambo – Say That You Love Me (DJ Nick The Record Re-Edit)
Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsalm

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hidden Spheres - Waiting

Label: Distant Hawaii

London’s Lobster Theremin imprint has put out some of the best house music of the last couple of years, but there’s an inconsistency to their output resulting in careful vetting before purchase. The latest LT release could be the underground dance bomb of the year or it could be a slab of fuzzy, largely indistinguishable straight-to-tape noodling.

LT just opened the doors on a new sub-label, Distant Hawaii, and thankfully the quality has been kept tightly in check for its first outing via Mancunian producer Hidden Spheres. The sound here is warmer and more laid-back than on LT, and Hidden Spheres ably takes on the task of producing a summer killer for the fresh imprint. The tunes here are sunny and profoundly inviting, primed for either the club or the chill, each cut offering a different flavour.

Waiting eases out in first gear, building over a rolling rhythm, syrup-thick Rhodes keys and the occasional clipped vocal to a gorgeous riff that you just want to sink into like a bath. Upsn Down picks up the pace a touch, bringing the same bittersweet chill but teasing it out into a strong climax, seething synthwork and a supple bassline bringing a touch of drama to the ‘floor.

The B-side returns to a leisurely pace, Be A Man strolling across bright melodic accents and a gently rising synth sweep. By this point you’re probably so relaxed that friends might suspect a coma, but you’ll wake up to surprising closer Bill Loves You which wields clashing hi hats and a busier harmonic arrangement that takes in noir-ish brass and a gritty acid line that underscores the pacey vocal sample. It’s a winning debut for LT’s fresh label and a particularly impressive showing from Hidden Spheres, who shows he can bring the chill with the best of them without ever straying too far from the club.


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Monday, 3 August 2015

July Roundup 2015

Lots of wonderful releases this month, as ever. We chart the smoothest, sunniest waters with Lobster Theremin offshoot Distant Hawaii and our new favourite Harvey Sutherland, alongside a lovely Borrowed Identity edit we missed a few months back. Things get deeper and tougher on Obas Nenor's ace new Mahogani 12" and some classic-referencing trax from Bermuda Triangle and Life's Track, before Matthew Herbert's Earthenware, one of the bossman's best club tracks in years. 

Moving into techno terrain there's a textured stomper from Levon Vincent-students Terriers, some typically crushed scifi rhythms from Legowelt and a spacey breakbeat exercise from PLO Man on Acting Press. After an ace collab with Morgan Geist Jessy Lanza shows off her versatility over the spartan footwork production of Spinn and Taso, Japanese oddity Yoshinori Hayashi offers some bewitching noodling, and we end with the recently re-released final recording of late, great Zimbabwean Mbira player Chiwoniso Maraire. 

Hidden Spheres - Waiting
Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda
Borrowed Identity - You Can't Change A Man
S3A - Theuz Hamtaak
Obas Nenor - Change Got To Come
Life's Track - Freak With Us
Mary Celeste - The Bermuda Triangle
Matthew Herbert - Earthenware
Terriers - Octagon
Legowelt - Tondalayo
PLO Man - Rare Plastic
Jessy Lanza, DJ Spinn, Taso - You Never Show Your Love
Yoshinori Hayashi - Geckos
Chiwoniso Maraire - Zvichapera

And a techno killer not available on Youtube:

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